Oh Mylanta! I have been saying this phrase all week, and mostly just because it has been a week of busy, busy, busy. As much as I relish a holiday break, it means that I feel like I am behind all week.

To begin my week of creation, I worked on some daily creates. Of the three that I completed this week, my absolute favorite is the Ross Xpress I created in Paint! It was so much fun to create this “oil” painting in Bob Ross fashion.

This week’s assignments were a little more challenging to complete for me, mostly because I felt more constricted time-wise this week. Writing is something that I like to take more time to complete, because I find that my process includes a lot of drafting and editing. This week also asked of more creative thought that I wasn’t as used to just yet. This is the first class I have taken that does not ask me to write 3-5 pages of 12 pt. Times New Roman double spaced about a specific prompt, and I am having a difficult time with letting go of the rigorous structure of those types of writings. Finally, I am starting to get a lot more comfortable with the whole blogging process, and am looking forward to working with this site more as I gain confidence and skill.

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