Oh wow…the first week has just about come to a close, and I feel a little overwhelmed, really excited, and slightly over it all (that senioritis y’all). Most importantly though, I feel like this process of self reflection in my last semester will give me the peace and satisfaction that comes with closure of a certain chapter of my life that I have worked so incredibly hard to achieve. There is also a bit of coming full circle about this process I think, because it requires me to really think about who, what, where, how, and why I am doing the things I am doing and what will happen next.

As for this course specifically, I have been a very busy bee this week with non-school related requirements and tasks, and I am hopeful that going forward, those additional distractions will not be present and I will be a bit less rushed.

Thinking about my first attempts at completing anything with this course, I will admit that I maybe was a bit overconfident in my ability to work quickly through this process. Sure, the creating accounts and starting up the page/blog was pretty easy, but I underestimated the amount of time that I needed to spend on actually digging in to these assignments. I feel that writing is maybe my strongest skill. Writing academic essays and research? No problem. These take time, but I do not have to create something that is original or unique to myself. That is where it took me a bit longer to get through this week’s blog posts. I do know now though, that this process will require more creativity and it will therefore require more time for me to develop the reels of thoughts I want to process and project in this space.

I really enjoyed the use of music on my posts this week, as you might have noted. I mentioned in my introduction post that I was a musician. While I do not play my instrument much anymore, I am an avid listener and feel that music can communicate feelings, emotions, or ideas in an effective an creative way. I will likely continue to use this type of media to convey emotion in my future posts as well.

I did not enjoy as much (probably because it was not easy for me) the process of creating, and working with some of the newer platforms that I am not familiar with, such as WordPress. I think I am getting the hang of it, but it was not something that I enjoyed figuring out. There are still many more things I want to learn about it, but will have to get started on those this weekend, and in the coming weeks.


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