In the spirit of Bob Ross, a cooking show that sometimes shows how life can be messy and helps us all set realistic goals for ourselves! Cooking can be whatever you want it to be; if it makes you happy, and tastes good, then nothing else matters!

I was looking for a video assignment that I wanted to do, and couldn’t find anything that inspired creation. So my solution? Make an assignment! I did it! I created an assignment, and it is live for anyone who wants to also take on this new challenge. It is to create a cooking show that highlights every day life. I really enjoyed this, and it was fun to make while I was multitasking and making dinner for my family! I used iPhone’s Clips app, which allows you to piece and edit video and sound pretty easily, but it did take some editing to get everything lined up.

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  1. You did a really good job integrating humor into the video. The “this is how long until your 4 year old says they hate this food” really got me. I also think the relationship between the cuts and the music was fantastic.

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