I am so excited and happy about where my group is going, but can I also say that I am feeling a little overwhelmed at how to do my bit? I have chosen time management and microwave cooking. The time management bit, I am beyond ready and prepared for. The cooking segment though, that is an entirely different story. I have a few recipes to try this weekend, and once I find one I really like, this will likely change, but I only want to present something that is 1)tasty 2)dorm friendly 3)minimal ingredients. This has proven to be a little more challenging than I had originally thought. I will keep looking though! I won’t give up without a fight!

This week I also created a commercial for our show, as well as a bumper. I customized both of them to the topic of our show, and I recorded them using Audacity. Finally, I created a promo poster for our show that I made using Paint3D. All in all, it’s been a busy week, and while I know fall break means we get a long weekend, I am still going to try and get more done on this project – even if it is microwaving various foods and feeding them to my unsuspecting family! Hahahaha….

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