The project ideas are great, and I am really interested in where some of the other members of this class are going to take us! As a sociology major, I am immediately drawn to Josephine’s idea of telling the stories of actors who’s voice has been silenced or ignored. I think it would be very interesting to run with this idea, and I hope Josephine does! One way to narrow down the possible voices, which in this case I feel would be more challenging than finding more voices, would be to think local, and think accessible. On campus maybe? Like was mentioned in her post, making this idea a reality would be a little difficult based on the fact that we have limited time and resources, but maybe for the sake of this assignment and our theme, a group/individual could be imagined or painted in what Josephine would think the subject’s platform or stage would look like, if they had a say.

Another great idea that I find interesting is from My Blog who says “don’t make assumptions about people based on what their outward appearance.” I think there are so many ways that this idea could be tied into our theme, and also be impactful for the other people who engage with the project. One idea that could make this project come to life, would be to have some sort of social experiment that could be carried out amongst strangers in a setting like the dining hall or somewhere on campus. To have a group of strangers all gather in a circle and make an assumption about someone’s favorite color, or something trivial and have them all say whether they were right or not. A simple demonstration of assumptions and their usual incorrectness. OR you could have a portrait session, where people would do a quick sketch or drawing of strangers, and see what features they notice or don’t in an exercise to demonstrate how we see ourselves versus how others see us. We are usually more kind to others than we are to ourselves. I like where this project could go, and am interested to see the final result.

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  1. I love your expansions on the idea of not making assumptions based off of peoples’ outside appearances. This is an extremely important thing that many do not realize. I think the whole concept of doing a social experiment is wonderful!

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