Don’t let my choice of title scare you away, or think that I did not in any way like this story. I thought it was fascinating! Let me explain. There are events or moments in history that have 50/50 outcomes possible; where things could go really well or disastrously. We all know, even if we don’t officially know, that as a society, we look to our leaders in those moments to help us digest the magnitude of the event we just witnessed, and that these leaders have two speeches prepared and rehearsed, just in case. I had never thought about it in these terms though, about things like the moon landing, and how if that went poorly, it would likely end in the death of the entire crew. If their fuel supply suddenly ignited, poof! Gone in an instant! However, if it was something more like the story Moon Graffiti imagined, and the astronauts were stranded on the moon, unable to return home, that would be a lot more distressing and uncomfortable for those of us back on Earth to deal with. I appreciate the alternative ending to this story in so many ways, but I think the most striking part was the breakdown of bravery, and then the return of it, as the men tried to decide on what their legacy would be in this alien place. To add to the drama of the story, which I found extremely helpful to the telling of the story, was the way the sounds of the astronauts’ voices were altered throughout. They at times seemed to talk fairly normally, but then at times you heard them through their radios. This added depth to the space that this story was taking place in. Overall, I really enjoyed this story, and found myself lost in it’s world for a short time, and ultimately, is that not the mark of great storytelling?

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  1. I imagine if it were known that the astronauts were permanently stranded on the moon, waiting for their inevitable deaths with no hope of returning, then that information would be kept a secret from the public in order to reduce the ensuing national devastation. Their deaths would still be reported, of course, just with a bit more vagueness. It’s definitely not fun to think about.

    1. That would have been awful. I would not want to be on the communications team for that event. I am sure there would have been a lot of responsibility, and I cannot imagine how they would have decided what action would cause the least amount of distress/confusion/etc.

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