Getting started on the daily creates today – well, actually last night. It had been a wonderfully exhausting day that was spent in the sunshine with my family at the pool. Most likely our last visit this season.

And then this happened! My little guy was finally tall enough to ride the big kid’s slide! The perfect end to a great summer. After the long day, to finally head off the bed was a great feeling, but wanted to check up really quickly on the work I had to get started on for the week. That’s where the daily create comes in…

The assignment was to write a haiku about your favorite book. To which I had the perfect book, and longtime favorite of not only myself, but my son and my husband. Que the haiku:

And I do realize that my haiku is not in correct form, at the time that I wrote it, I did not have the patience nor brain power to figure it out, so I just rolled with it!

Sleepy small rabbit

Goodnight to all his fine things

Goodnight small rabbit

Any idea what book I am talking about? I’ll give you a hint – even though you probably don’t need one – it’s the classic tale of a young rabbit who is finding every little thing to say goodnight to so he doesn’t have to go……….to……………….bed. Any parents out there know exactly what that little fella is up to…..cheeky rabbit.

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