Dearest Violet girl,

You are not our first dog. In fact, you are our third. But when they say third time’s the charm, oh boy were they right! Our first two dogs were amazing and special, like first pets usually are. However, when we rescued them, we did not have the slightest clue as to what our pet parent style was, nor what to look for in the perfect dog for us. With that said, they were loving members of our family for thirteen years, and when we finally said goodbye to the remaining member of the duo, we were heartbroken. We knew that we were going to have another dog “someday” but when COVID shut everything down, and we were finding ourselves in isolation, we realized how much joy and life a dog brings into a home. That’s when we decided that we would find the right dog for our home, and it is what started our search for you!

We researched breeds, searched for breeders, and contacted breed clubs all over the Mid-Atlantic region just trying to get this one right. We put down our deposit, and waited for what seemed like forever to find out that you were finally on your way! Your momma’s family had emailed us pictures of you and your littermates, and we were thrilled when we found out that you were ours!

The moment finally came for you to come join us at our home, and as soon as we met, it was clear that you were meant to be with us. You and T were the best of friends immediately, and even Basil was a little curious and eager to meet you. You have brightened up our days, and kept our nights warm and secure ever since. Your gentle demeaner and wild zoomies give us joy and laughter. Your heavy chin resting on our lap reminds us to ground ourselves to what matters. Your enthusiastic body wiggles when we get home are pure happiness that makes coming through the door one of the most exciting parts of our day. In other words, your spirit brings out the purest joy in us all, and we are so incredibly blessed to have been chosen by you to be your family.

with love and broccoli,


A letter to my pet, in this case my dog, was immediately a happy assignment that I only wish she was able to read. Likewise, I am incredibly thankful that I get to write her this letter now, while she is here for me to love on. Unfortunately, owning a pet does mean that at some point you have to say goodbye, and often that time comes before you are ready. This assignment was not meant to be a “goodbye” letter, but I realized that it celebrated our girl’s being in our life in a similar way. I felt happiness and optimism while I wrote it, and also an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I completed this assignment for this class, but would also recommend that anyone who owns a pet try this when they are still young. I know when the final days come, these are the kinds of thoughts one thinks of, but they are usually tinged with a great deal of sadness and regret. Today, I feel only happiness and am looking forward to the many adventures I still get to have with my sweet little Violet girl.

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