To build the perfect sandwich is an artful and lengthy process that I will happily share with you.

To begin, a loaf of store bought honey wheat bread that got squished on the way home. As Ross would say, “There is no such thing as squished bread, just bread with character”. As it is the end of the week, the bag is almost empty, but the sweet and earthly smell that you only get from wheat bread fills the kitchen as soon as I open the bag. I spread a small amount of Hellman’s mayonnaise onto each slice, followed by some freshly cracked salt and pepper. The salt spills over onto the plate a little, and the spicy aroma from the pepper reminds me that I might have gone a little overboard on the pepper today. But again, going a little overboard in Ross’s opinion is okay sometimes. “Have a little fun with it, you can have as much or as little as you want. It’s your sandwich”. Next comes some leftover green lettuce – the kind with the beautifully dark green leaves that curl and ruffle along the edge, almost looking like a flamenco dancer’s skirt as she spins. Now it’s the ham. No cheese today, as there is only one slice left and I know my son will want to snack on that when he gets home from school this afternoon. One pink slice folded in half. Second pink slice folded in half. Now the last touch, a small amount of course ground mustard. Finally, put the second slice of bread on top, and get some pretzels and an apple for sides. Today I am having a cold and crisp “pink lady” apple, which is my favorite variety and some generic Target brand pretzels that I usually throw in my son’s lunch bag for snack at school. To drink, I will have some Perrier water that I brought in from the garage refrigerator a few minutes ago. It is cold and the condensation is starting to build up on the sides. Grab a napkin, and dig in.

Crunchy, cool, familiar, and delicious. The perfect lunch for a busy day. That’s all the time we have for today, but I’ll see you back here next time. Take care, and God bless.

I usually don’t put that much thought into my lunch, other than what ingredients I want to have, or similar ideas. This was fun, and made me think of my food in a new and interesting way. What are the specifics of my lunch? What are the all the senses picking up as I make this regular, ordinary sandwich? I found that I was analyzing my food on a new level, and I appreciate what this assignment ultimately required me to do – take the time to really look, smell, see, feel, my food before I actually get to the tasting part. I also found that trying to take a flattering picture of my unflattering sandwich was a little more difficult that I had originally anticipated.

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  1. After reading your blog, you made me hungry. I also love the “Pink Lady” apples. They are the best! Your blog is really creative and well written!

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