A mother goes about her day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Once she arrives, she takes a moment to show love to all those in her care. With joy and appreciation, she greets her family. After all others have been taken care of, and shown the love and support they need, she turns to herself, last. One final moment of learning before settling down. A well deserved rest, and brief moment of self appreciation. This moment of stillness might not happen again today, so it is savored and enjoyed slowly. Just like the perfect cup of tea.

This assignment did not initially begin this way, but then again, most creative ideas do not end up looking like their first drafts. The assignment was that I should film my day in less than 90 seconds – from my perspective. This started on campus today, as I sat outside in the amazingly cool, and breezy weather! I filmed my journey down the stairs on my way to go home, and after coming home, the sudden realization of the story my journey was telling was one that was selfless, caring, and tiring, but in a good way. It was the story of most mothers I know, and probably many fathers as well. The story of caring for those in your family that you are responsible for, but with happiness and gratitude. It was putting your loved one’s needs and comfort above your own, but willingly. It was finally taking that moment that belongs to just yourself, and enjoying it while it is there, because we all know that moment is brief, and valuable.

I created this video using my iphone’s camera and imovie program. It also has music that was featured in that programming, which I find quite perfectly called “Nuestra casa” which in Spanish means “our house”.

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  1. I had a good time watching this clip. It made me realize that sometimes I get caught up in my own life that I forget that everyone lives a different one. Ross said it best in one of his shows, “Everyone is different and that is what makes everyone so beautiful.” Being able to see another perspective of life was awesome. Your life looks so peaceful and calm. Also your animals made the video even better!

    1. Thank you for commenting on this post! I will admit that this assignment was my favorite this week, because it made me feel so peaceful and calm! I agree with you also, that it made me reflect on the current, which is sometimes hard to do when we are all so busy.

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