I took this photo many years ago. To be honest, I do not know this little girl’s name anymore. She was an identical twin who was the daughter of my friend’s cousin, who gave me permission to take photos of her daughter since she was so interested in my camera. My friend was throwing a birthday party for her daughter, and asked me to take some pictures of the event since she was going to be busy hosting. I happily obliged, as this was at the height of my new found obsession with my new camera.

The image itself, in my own opinion, makes for an interesting photograph, not just because there is a cute little girl with a messy face, but there is a story within this image. Not only that, but the image has all the right technical qualities to make it a well taken photo. At the time that this photo was taken, this girl was playing hide and seek with me through the sliding glass door. She had recently finished her birthday cake, and was burning off some of that sugar high. We played for a while, and I was able to see the photograph before I actually raised up my camera. Likewise, I knew that the contrast between the bright sunshine on her face would make her stand out in front of the darker indoor space that is behind her. If you can tell, she was about level with my camera, and luckily that was because I was down in the lawn which was a couple steps below the house, in this moment, the camera is eye level with her – engaged in the game. Additionally, having her body half way in the doorway shows the space she is both in and out of at the same time, as if straddling two different rooms.

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