My amazing little lion cat Basil, who is as gentle and noble as any housecat could possibly be, sits and looks out at the yard. I can only imagine that he is hoping and wishing for the courage to one day venture out and attack one of the birds or squirrels that he loves to watch, but I know in reality, that day will never come. The sweet soul is too afraid to go outside, and on the few times he has stepped out on the deck, he quickly returns for fear of the mighty predators that would swallow him whole, or so he thinks. I made this poster for him, and hope that he knows that in our eyes, he is the kindest gentleman in our home, and we love him all the more for it.

I used a photo that I had taken with my iPhone and added the text and border using Adobe Photoshop. The anticipation and wanting that I felt Basil was exhibiting made me think that if he were in the waiting room at the vet, and he could read, there would be this eye-rolling motivational poster placed on the wall for all to see. Either that, or in the school guidance counselor’s office, after he got sent there for doing something disruptive and slightly naughty.

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