This week saw more creativity, in my opinion, than I have had in a little while. I started early on with working on my daily creates. I individually blogged a couple of them which are linked below, but quickly realized that I would not have enough time to do this daily, and so I have complied the remaining three here as well. To begin, I searched through the artificial intelligence art and found an image that I said “Whoa! AI made that?” and had to use it for my one word review. The sunset scene seemed to evoke this feeling of completion and satisfaction, so I settled with tranquility.

The third daily create this week was a bit harder for me to come up with something. The task was to come up with a malaphor, which I had never even heard of until I started doing some digging. I thought about this one for a while, and finally came up with “Color me Happy” and “I’m just peachy” resulting in the following malaphor below.

Lastly, and most certainly my favorite daily create this week, was the Amazon Echo assignment, where we were asked to show what everyday household item Amazon has decided to use in order to get even more information about us and our lives!

My Outer Banks starfish in her bikini is one of my favorite magnets on my refrigerator, and I only wish sometimes she had a voice to talk to me while I’m cooking or hanging out in the kitchen. Doesn’t she look ready to get to know ya??

The next assignments that I worked on this week were the assignment bank tasks, and let me tell you that I had a much harder time choosing what to do. I had to remind myself that I would likely be working through them throughout the semester, and that there was no rush or need to be so selective, but I had struggled a bit with this. What I found interesting with all three that I chose though, was how initially they were as abstract and blank as the canvas is at the beginning of The Joy of Painting, and how once I started adding the layers, and making them into whatever I wanted them to be, how easily they started to pull together! I can really appreciate the Joy of ds106 being our theme this semester now, and hope that if I keep this outlook on all my future assignments, I will not have as much difficulty making decisions on which assignments to select.

Finally, I have been making an attempt to comment and respond to any comments on my own posts, but also other’s as I am seeing them pop up on the ds106 feed. I hope that as the semester continues, we will all become a little more comfortable with working these different moving parts, and thereby be more comfortable with navigating around them. I am looking forward to another week of creating next week, but first am off to celebrate my son’s FIFTH birthday! How we got to this one so quickly, I do not know, but it will be a fantastic day nonetheless.


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