One of the things that makes watching Julia Child such a joy, is her ability to admit defeat, and own mistakes in the kitchen. She actually celebrated them, which would never happen with Giada. Similar to Bob Ross, and the idea that mistakes are only mistakes if you label them as such. This quote from Julia is one of my favorites, for that very reason. It reminds me that mistakes are how we learn, grow, and exemplify grace. I thought it was only fitting that this quote be read with some prolific brain explosion track in the background, because my mind was absolutely blown when I realized for the first time that accidents happen, and that it truly okay. I hope this message also resides with all of you, and that you keep it stored away for the next time you goof.

I used Audacity to create this clip, and I got the music from Incompetech Royalty Free Music. I just recorded myself saying the quote around the music, and I adjusted the volumes using the auto duck effect.

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