I listened to the story and commentary about Three Skeleton Key, and I was blown away by the new lens I was listening to this story with. What surprised me I think, was the level of importance to the background noise, and how much purpose each sound within the story had. There are two perspectives that I was listening to this from. The first, is that of a musician, and how the key that the music is played in can affect the mood or emotion of the moment. Also, getting a little more theoretical here, the chord progressions and more importantly the resolutions (or lack of) can create anxious anticipation for the conclusion of the phrase, which I noticed was happening in some of the story. The second perspective that I was now listening to this story with, was how the background sounds were being used just as importantly as the musical ones, and that even the lack of sound was equally emphasized to creating a meaning in that moment. Overall, I found this listening experience great, and have a new appreciation for the magic that radio broadcasts can achieve. Likewise, I am noticing now how lazy TV is – how obvious and unimaginative it requires us to be. It’s an interesting thought, and I wonder how much of the illusion is lost when we stop watching, and listen only. I’d imagine that quite a bit would be left out, and am going to try and think about this the next time I watch a movie.

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