What do I want to share with the world? There’s so much! If this question were asked of me at an earlier point in my life, I am not even sure what I would have said. Probably something like, “follow your dreams, be yourself” and other na├»ve thoughts that one has before life has changed your perspective a bit. With that said, I am living proof that you are never too old, or too ______ to figure out who you want to be, and to make that person real. I guess I want to share my story of finding who I really am, and also I want to share with others that this process doesn’t have a time limit on it. You can do it whenever you build up the courage to do it. With that in mind, I am thinking along the lines of a child’s story, or classic fable format. Where there is a character who is living life unsatisfied, and despite the world telling them they can’t, they make a plan and follow through. There will have to be some conflict at some point, and like my own story, there has definitely been struggle to get to this point, but my character will push onward to realize their goal with jubilant celebration and thankfulness! I would hope that this story would inspire others to discover their own path, and also let those already on this journey, that it is worth it.

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  1. This is certainly a great idea worth developing, and I hope you follow through with it. As I read it, I thought of all the Bob Ross quotes that could apply – It’s your world. Make it how you want it. There are no mistakes. If you don’t like it you can change it. You don’t need to bring Ross or his sayings to your story if you don’t want to. It just shows the extensibility of the underlying theme.

  2. This sounds like a really great idea! I love the idea of making it in the form of a fable or children’s story. It’s a really interesting way to take it, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

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