I just got home from taking one of the animals to the vet, and I was tired. My nerves were tired. My body was tired. Mostly though, my mind was tired. The end of the week, and I was almost done. I pick up a kitty and begin to destress, and then my husband starts to talk to me. “What’s for dinner tonight?” he asks. I don’t have any clue and start to think about it. Finally I respond with “not sure, lets just order tonight. I have work still to do, and I cannot think that far ahead right now. Unless you want to cook.” He says that he doesn’t but that if I wanted he would order for us, and surprise me with what he brings home. I am naturally suspicious, because he will likely choose something like pizza or take away Chinese. Neither of which I want. He gets his things, grabs the boy, and starts to head out the door. As the garage door is closing I start to wonder why he was so willing to go out, and take the 5 year old with him. Then it hits me. He’s up to something. What? I don’t have a clue, but I will find out eventually…in about an hour or so.

I had no idea what I wanted my reaction to be for this gif – the assignment asked that I make a gif of my reaction to anything I wanted. I had no clue. That’s when I asked my husband to record my reactions, and we quickly realized that when it comes to our interactions with each other, there is usually sarcasm, humor, and a lot of loving judgement. We instantly had the same idea, and he said “I’ve got it – get ready…go!” He used my iPhone to record this video, and then I converted it to a gif. I knew I wanted to capture a genuine reaction between us, and this was an actual response, to the hogwash he tends to send my way.

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