It was a normal night for Batman, just the usual watching and guarding Gotham from the bad guys, when all of a sudden….


In the night sky, there was a message! Could he finally get to see some action on a boring and slow Tuesday night??

Alas, it was just someone asking for Superman. A little annoying, but still more excitement than he had seen in a while. So, he did what any other good guy would do, and send a message back to superhero headquarters that someone was in need of help, and that they had requested Superman.

I have come to save the day! Superman, is here! How can I help? And with a flash he was ready to report for duty.

That is until he saw what awaited him….

I honestly had no idea where this story was going to go – the randomness of the daily creates really had me nervous about this one. But, it was actually really fun, and I love how my story turned out. Poor Superman. With that said, I didn’t have too much of a choice on where my story was going to start, but once that first create was made, I knew that I wanted it to all tie together as a storyline. Once I had a main character, it was actually pretty easy to develop a story. I just had to use my imagination and I took the perspective that I was telling a Superman story, and not a Meredith one. This was great, and a fun way to mix up the daily creates!

9 Replies to “Superman? Are you there?”

  1. I really like your Daily Creates, I think they really demonstrate creativity. I also, enjoyed the story that you allowed them to tell and how well it all came together!

    1. Thank you! I was so worried about this assignment because of the randomness that daily creates are, so I am glad that you think they worked together!

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