I had so much trouble figuring out what to do for this assignment, because there were so many classic scenes that I wanted to do, but not very many that I would be able to do alone, and with the things in my house! A good monologue was what I needed, and what better one than Quint’s town hall speech from the movie Jaws! I decided to recreate the scene with my son’s pig puppet, and I also created the shark drawing on the chalkboard so that Quint could drag his nails across it, grabbing the attention of all the townspeople. After that, it was just rehearse, rehearse, rehears. I had to learn the speech so that Pig Quint could somewhat speak along with the real Quint – which was much harder than you would imagine – and I finally had to try and film this at the same time as operating the puppet, all while keeping myself out of the frame. What an ordeal, but so much fun!

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