The VOGUE summer special children’s edition cover is ready to be sent off for proofing! I made sure that they would have enough room to add the title page headlines and themes they want, but once they let me know what those are, I will go ahead and add them in. Then this cover is headed off to the press! I think Bob Ross would have been proud of the joy that this picture captured, and of all the beautiful colors that were present. I almost opted for a black and white photo, but then Spirit Bob said, “God gave you all these colors, so play with them!”

I finally bit the bullet and went ahead and purchased an updated version of Photoshop Elements. My previous copy, which is very old is no longer relevant. I have been wanting to upgrade for a long time, and this assignment finally made it happen. I have had enough of trying to edit photos with Paint3D and Microsoft Photos editor. Enough is enough. So, having gotten that out of the way, I really didn’t edit the photo in this case. I know I just rambled on about buying new photo editing software, and then didn’t even us it to edit the photo. I did however use it to play with the layers of the text. I researched some VOGUE covers, and sometime the subject’s head was positioned right in the middle of the page, and they would print the G behind the person’s head. I thought I would get fancy and try that, but the layout and composition of the subject would have been all sorts of messed up, so I decided against that move. I also chose the bright red, which also was a traditional VOGUE color scheme and feel that it perfectly juxtaposes the organic and green colors of the photograph. Finally, to get the special edition type, I had originally chosen red as well, but it did not seem to pop the way I wanted it to. I played around with some other colors, but ended up with white, as it seemed to make the most impact. This was a super fun project, and I love how it turned out. 10/10 stars – would definitely recommend.

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