I decided to revisit my sound effect story, and think of something that was not only a little more in keeping with my own storyline and online character, but that was more mindful, peaceful, and fun. My original sound story was a little bit darker than I usually like to go, and my character ended up walking out of her front door to find a riot developing. This time around, I wanted it to be a little more playful and light.

I imagine that if my pets were able to prank call each other, this is what they would likely get up to multiple times a day. My older kitty, Basil is a sweet soul, and this kitty has more chill than most folks. I imagine him getting the phone call from our dog and very quickly telling her off, hanging up, and getting back into his groove of hanging around and living the fat house cat life of luxury.

To create this sound effect story, I used sound clips from the BBC sound site, as well as the free music archive. I pieced them all together with Audacity, and finally thought of how to tell this story of two dear frenemies.

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