The alarm clock goes off at 5:45, and unlike anyone else in my house, my eyes pop open, and I jump out of bed. Do I like doing that? NO! Do I also like being the first person to wake up so I don’t have to socialize, YES! I get everyone fed, dressed, and out the door, including myself, and then it’s off to school for me. I get to campus and start to work. I second guess myself, and struggle to understand some things, but eventually I just let that worry go, and get the work done as best I can. Perfection is not possible, and so I have to give myself permission to sometimes let the little things go. After a few hours, I get to come home, and give my Violet girl her favorite treat: frozen broccoli! I get a few minutes of down time myself, and then its off to the bus stop to collect the wild thing. When he finally gets home, the chaos begins and pretty much continues until he finally goes to bed. Shortly after that, my kitties are cat nipped out, my dog has also fallen asleep, and I enjoy their sleepy company for a few minutes, and then I happily join them in exhausted slumber!

This assignment was fun, and a little new to me. I had never created gifs, and so this was a learning experience. It was actually much easier than I had thought, so that was a relief. I thought about the actual steps I take in the day, and how to capture those ideas in a short 2-10 seconds. I also had to use my iPhone, and only my house and things around me to create these. I luckily borrowed some videos from other times for the ones with my son, since he has yet to get home yet at the time I worked on this assignment. I wanted there to be some humor, reality, and chaos as the day progressed, and I think adding the video of my son jumping around on the furniture would convey that sentiment well. Finally, while it is not a gif, the last photo of my kitten just as comfortable as can be, really puts into an image what I feel like at the end of the day which is exhausted, both physically and mentally, but happy to be.

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