So, every week I struggle to blog come the end of the week. My strategy has been to work on assignments all week, but then do most of my blogging all at one time, usually on Friday when I have the afternoon available. Well, this week I thought I might try something different. I started doing my daily creates on Saturday, and that means that I finished the last one (required at least) today! To get this one blog crossed off the old “to do list” I am writing this up, and watching the clock as it is almost the time when my peaceful home is invaded by a rambunctious child. I had fun with these creates this week, and I think they were definitely easier than last week.

Here’s to getting things done, and also to trying to get ahead of a busy week, instead of the usual game of catchup I find myself playing. Cheers y’all!

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  1. These are all really good! I especially like the image you chose for the Monty Python assignment. I’m pretty sure that would be the face I would make if someone told me about a man who “Monty Pythons” a woman.

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