A phrase I heard my grandma say about me and my cousins was “So and so is just growin’ like a weed” and basically meant that they were growing up so fast, you couldn’t hardly keep up with them. I lovingly say this about my own son now, and I have never realized how true of an observation it was until I had a child of my own. He just sprouted up out of nowhere, and every time I look at him, he seems to be taller, stronger, and wiser.

This assignment asked that I use a single font and color to try and get the word to resemble it’s meaning. I played with this for a while in Microsoft Word since it generally has the most fonts to choose from. I thought about this for a long time, and accidently stumbled upon this word, which I think works perfectly. Not only for the way I showed the “T” just sprouting up out of nowhere, but also because it so perfectly aligns with my own story and theme, as a parent. I chose this font in particular, because I felt like it was messy, unorganized, and organic. Just like the garden when you are trying to first get seeds to germinate. When they first come up, it is a little unorganized, just like this typeface, and I love the added marks and specks that are shown around the letters, like dirt being shaken off as the “t” erupts from the earth.

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