I listened in on Tuesday night to the radio shows presented and was absolutely delighted with them both! Unfortunately, I was unable to stay up and listen to the entire spooky program, but the 20 minutes I did hear left me with the heebie jeebies for sure! I tuned in just a few minutes late, but even coming in just after the first speaker had begun, I was instantly wrapped up into the music that this individual was sharing with us. I especially enjoyed hear each presenter’s reasoning for why this music was significant to them. Just hearing the music was great, but the stories behind them were really rich and interesting! I think this show was executed very well, and I could imagine it being a regular program that I would like to listen to. It was great for discovering some new artists that I have never heard of before, which for me is so incredible! I love finding new music to add to my collection!

The next show took me for a whirl down the creepiest lane I have ventured on in a long time. Having a smaller child, I don’t get to experience scary very often, so this was a real treat. Especially being so close to Halloween, it was perfectly timed to get me in the mood for next week’s trick or treating adventures! I think this group did a wonderful job of utilizing sounds that enhanced their program, and even by adding the pictures into the discord chat, they were able to engage us listeners in an incredibly effective way.

Bravo to both groups! You all did an amazing job, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending my night listening to your productions!

Clapping Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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