I’ll begin by saying that I am a pretty common household appliance, and that you likely either have one of my siblings or cousins living with you. We all pretty much do the same thing, but some of us do our jobs a little better than others. I like to think that I am one of the ones that does a good job, but I recently heard my owner saying that they think I might be getting too old, and that she might start to look for a younger me to replace the older me. Talk about ungrateful. I do a lot for this family, and I never get any thanks or recognition. That is, unless I accidentally mess up somehow, which is hardly ever my fault.

I usually hang out in the shadows either in a closet or spare bedroom, and to be completely honest, that it just fine with me. I am a little self conscious about myself because I usually end up scaring little children and animals, but not always, and I always feel bad about it when I stink up the room. I do have a few admirers though, who love to “ooh and ahh” over my fancy tools or functions, and I remember that when I first came home to live with my current family, they were all so excited to see me work. But, alas those days are long gone now. When my family needs me, I am greeted with sighs of displeasure, or groans of protest.

So here I rest, in the dark, and wonder when my usefulness will cease and I’ll be replaced. Maybe that will be an improvement though, since they always seem so irritated that I am needed. It’s like using me is a chore or something. Rather sad to think about, but what the heck else am I going to do in here?

All the creativity forces had to be summoned for this assignment! First, I was the household appliance that I wrote about. I became “Dyson” the purple vacuum that lives in the Migliaccio household. Then I imagined myself as the crabby, and resentful person who is often neglected, and what she might feel or say to someone if given the chance. I really wanted to capture Dyson’s sassy attitude, but also her desire to be useful or appreciated. This was a really fun one!

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