Who knew this would be so much fun?? I was not optimistic about this project being fun, but again, I am surprised at how joyful creativity is, even when it is hard work. I started this week with really narrowing down the focus of my project, and I am going to teach y’all how to knit while sharing some stories and lessons that I feel echo the Bob Ross spirit of self acceptance, beauty, and growth! I began with an outline, and then started planning out the show in terms of elements and how I was going to actually achieve these things. I then had to order a few pieces of equipment like a microphone that will allow me to create quality voice recordings, and a telescoping phone holder so that I can record myself knitting for the tutorials. I am still waiting on the phone holder to get here, but in the meantime, I shot my stop-motion opening scene. It was great! I used an app called Stop Motion on my iPhone, and then got to work with the tedious task of making the 12 seconds worth of video for my intro. It was not easy, and it took a lot of creative problem solving, but I finally got it done, and I think that was the hardest portion of the project so far. The rest of it should be just talking to you all, knitting, and editing. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with, and I can’t wait to teach you all how to knit!!

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