Searching throughout my house for something that could be used for this assignment – which I thought would be pretty easy – led me to realizing that I had a Bob Ross in my refrigerator! The assignment was to find anything in the house, and let your imagination create an image or subject out of it. I stared at this for a long time, and initially saw a school bus. But then, my school bus turned into a face. AND not just any face, but BOB ROSS’s face! Yes, he looks a little goofy, but there is clearly his radiant smile!

I really had no idea what to try and find, and I almost gave up on this assignment to look for one that was a little easier. I thought this would be easy because there have been countless times I have been sitting around, just dozing off or lost in space, and I see something out of nothing. Like images of things in clouds. Get to the point where I actually have to make this happen, intentionally, and I can’t do it. But then it happened. I took a regular photo with my iPhone, and tried to get as much detail as possible, while also leaving myself enough room to work. I then realized what I was looking at, and used Paint 3D to draw on the image of Bob onto the photo. Really fun and I am so glad I stuck it out for this one.

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