Oh, Egg Carton Bob Ross, you handsome fella you! I knew you looked a little bored without anything to do, so I helped you out! I brought you your supplies so you could do what you do best!

This re-do was so much fun! I loved creating the original Egg Carton Bob Ross, but he did seem a little lonely. I feel relieved that I was able to give him something to do. To start, I revisited my original Bob and re-created his face, and hair. I then worked on his body and his paint palate. Finally, I used the milk carton as his canvas, and got to work with a landscape painting for him, and finally added some of the blue paint to his fan brush so that he could finish up with the happy little stream that was flowing through the picture. Since the original Bob was created using Paint3D, I used it again to create the space that Bob now happily lives in. I am so glad I got to revisit this happy little guy, he is one of my favorite characters now.

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