I knew immediately, when this I read about this assignment, that I wanted it to be a little bit quirky, a little bit public radioish, and above all fun! I listen to NPR on my phone and in the car almost every day, and some of my favorite shows have the best introductions. I had no idea that it was called a bumper, but I have always loved these little moments. They tell you so much about the content that you’re about to hear, and also they have the ability to set the tone of the conversation. I wanted to echo that sentiment in this bumper, and I feel that my bumper captures the “new, old radio friend” feeling that I inspired me from the radio webpage. I used one of the resources on the audio resources page to find the site that provided the music for my bumper. I then used Audacity to record my message, and simply played around with the effects and settings to get it sounding right. This was a lot easier than I had originally thought, but I also prepared for it by watching YouTube videos about audacity, along with the resources for this class as well.

3 Replies to “ds106 Bumper – inspired by NPR and some of my favorite programs!”

  1. I really love the sound of your bumper. It kind of reminds me of an old tv commercial, the ones that go “we interrupt this program to bring you…”

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