Buuuuuh dum. Buuuuuh dum. Buh dum, buh dum, buh dum, buh dum.

Poor Pipet was just doing what any loyal lab would do. If you don’t know who Pipet was, they were the black lab (ish) dog that was in the earlier part of the movie Jaws. Pipet was fetching the stick in the ocean, and unfortunately never returns from the water. Presumably eaten by the greedy shark, as we never learn poor Pipet’s fate. I like to imagine that Pipet did not get eaten by the shark, and maybe just found something gross to eat on the beach, like a fish head accidently washed up on the shore after some fisherman lost their rig. Anyone who knows labs know they find their way to food, no matter what, and in that sense, maybe Jaws saw something of a kindred spirit in Pipet. Labs and sharks are neither one discriminate eaters. They both lack impulse control, and can sometimes get too excited for their own good.

For this assignment, I was asked to make an image using only 4 lines, 5 dots, and a curve. I struggled to come up with anything at first, but then it hit me like Jaws hit Quint’s boat. A shark! As this was a rather simple picture made with Paint 3D, I felt it was only fair to come up with an interesting story to go along with it. That’s where Pipet comes in. Jaws is a family favorite for me, and we watch it on our first night at the beach every time we go. It’s a great one, and I love it. I think my affection for these characters comes more from the memories and laughs we have had as a family over the years. One recurring joke we have is about the dog Pipet. Our family has, for some odd reason, had many dogs that look like Pipet; black Labradors. We often take our dogs to the beach with us, and when they make their way out towards the water, we always shout out “Pipet? Pipet” followed by a collective “poor Pipet” and some laughter. I really wanted to give this dog some credit, and think about how Pipet’s story in Jaws wasn’t nearly as celebrated as the little Kintner boy. So, here’s one for Pipet; the least talked about victim of Jaws.

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