One thing that struck me, both from the videos and the Vignelli reading, were how important typeface is to design. It seems pretty simple when you first begin to think about it, but as you think deeper about the meaning, motivations, balance, contrast, size, etc. that surrounds the typeface of any one printed (or posted) item it gets really complex, really quickly. I am now viewing typeface in ways that I had never thought of, and I find it interesting to think of how a given designer came to the decision that this typeface was the most effective means of communicating the information they were tasked to share. I also found it fascinating how this reading was so perfectly able to sum up how good design is a deliberate process.

The other reading, A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design was also really interesting to think about. I think we all know that the world around us designed, and that it is a completely manufactured reality that we live in, but that it sometimes is so overwhelming to think about, that we like to tune it out sometimes. I feel as though we like to have the feeling of control and choice, but even our choices are often made based on a very effective “design” that makes us choose this or that based on which one was marketed more effectively.

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  1. I feel like typography is becoming a lost art, and it makes me sad, in no small part because so few people notice. So it’s nice to hear that you do.

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