I know that last week I said it was a week of “Oh, Mylanta’s” and that I was busy as a three legged cat in a sandbox, but whoa was that an understatement. I knew this time would come; when the classes begin to get challenging, and things start to really take off. But, boy was I wrong about last week. Not only did I have the week of assignments due, like essays, presentations, and such, but I also have had the burden of worrying about COVID cases in my son’s school. This information does not make this momma comfortable. Anyhow, on to the week’s work. I started off this week with the readings and some daily creates.

Next on the to do list was the more complicated work, which I unfortunately had to push off until the end of the week. Let’s just say that I do not want to have to be in this position again, and will try to prevent this from happening in the future if at all possible. This assignment was an interesting one, and I appreciate the reflection is asked of me. I knew immediately which photograph I wanted to share in the post, as this is (in my opinion) one of the best photographs I have ever taken. It seems to have all the right things, and I am proud of it. Whenever I try to take photographs, this is the one I strive to match in terms of quality.

The photoblitz was awesome. Challenging and awesome. I did not expect it to be as challenging as it was. After thinking about why I thought it was so difficult for me, I realized it was because I was trying to make each and every one of the images that I captured reflect the artistic and creative features that were discussed in the readings and videos this week. Add to that, the lack of preparation on my part with my camera battery, I felt limited by the iPhone camera I ended up using.





To wrap up this week, the visual and gif assignments I did were not only fun, but they challenged my ability in the technology department. As I mentioned in one of the posts, I had never created a gif before, and honestly was a little intimidated about that. I have no idea why, because it was really a simple process, but now I am hooked! Everything is getting gif’ed from here on out! Watch out group texts, gifs are coming!

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