Fortunately, I come from a long line of photographers. My mother studied photography in college. My father worked as a camera operator for NBC. Likewise, my Aunt (Dad’s sister) is a professional photographer. My brother again, is a photographer. You get the idea. I live among photographers. I am not a photographer. Or so I thought. I never had much interest in the art until I got my first real (grown up) camera when I was 24. I shoot with a Nikon DSL and if you ask me anything about it, I can’t tell you. I still don’t understand how to change settings for exposure or aperture to make the image in my mind transfer to a photograph. I do know what those elements control – I just haven’t ever been able to understand them in the way Bob Ross understands which brushes make different effects.

I do however have the ability to view composition and balance. I know what I want my viewer to see, and I am usually able to capture the moment I want to record. I also feel that I have a photographer’s eye, in that I can visualize an ordinary image with a creative lens, and show something unexpected, beautiful, or interesting.

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One of my early photos when I caught the photog bug. Just an ordinary onion.

As I mentioned, when I got my first camera, I started shooting everything. I was hooked. It was such a transformative experience, to begin to view life through the lens. I haven’t been able to take photographs at the same rate as I used to, but I would confidently say that I will be moving my cloud storage up to the next level – 2T – very soon, as I am nearing the limit of my current amount of 200G. These days, my photos are mostly of my family. My son, who manages to grow and mature overnight is the subject of most of my photos. I feel that if I did not take photos at the rate I do, I would wake up one morning and not recognize the stinky teenager raiding my pantry. I also take a lot of photos of my animals. They are such a joy to observe. They don’t cooperate very often, but when they do, it is magical.

No photo description available.
Another early photo of Murphy, my brother’s dog.

Looking back at these, which I haven’t done in a while, I think the images are actually pretty good. I might have used the “auto” setting to capture them, but these images still capture the emotion I wanted them to. In the case of the onion, I wanted to show that the ordinary can be beautiful, and intriguing. Likewise, in the photo of Murphy, I wanted to show how peaceful this ordinarily crazy Jack Russell terrier was; the stillness of the moment.

To take my photography to the next level though, I think I need to just do the hard work, and really figure out how to make my camera take the photos I want by way of utilizing the settings for shutter speed and aperture. It will take practice.

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