Just an ordinary afternoon, or so you think. A woman who is just making herself a cup of tea is disrupted by the phone, and after opening her door to see what is happening, she realizes there is a riot outside her door.

I used Audacity to create this story, and I got all the sounds from the BBC Sound effects site listed on our course page. I didn’t know how I wanted the story to go, but like Bob often says, these things just come to you as you’re painting (or in my case editing). I started off, just like Bob, with a rather blank canvas of just the clock ticking. Then I imagined myself in that space, and what I would expect to hear. A kettle whistling, and the hurried footsteps of a woman who forgot she had put the kettle on, and was right in the middle of something when it started to sound. Then, thinking that she was going to have a relaxing afternoon, gets a phone call and goes out to see what is happening on her street. What waits for her on the other side is violence, destruction, and anger. So much for that relaxing afternoon- now she’s got to figure out what she’s going to do next. Meanwhile, that clock ticking in the background keeps on ticking. Just like so many things in our lives that take us for a spin, time doesn’t care what’s happening, it just keeps on keeping on. And it is that message that I want my listeners to get from this short little story.

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