Another beautiful day, another creative moment with the daily create! This create sent me on a journey to designing my name using a program called “Mark Maker” in which you simply like and scroll through tiles of your chosen text, and the program learns your style. At first, I thought this was going to be just a generic kind of process, of liking and filtering designs and styles, but as the process progressed, it actually started showing me my name in beautiful and unique ways. I was actually shocked at how well it began to narrow down my style, and ultimately, I landed on a version that I feel completely and entirely sums up my entire personality, style, and creative essence.

The simplicity, and classic style of the font, to that little twist of fun and creativity on the “T” really captures how I feel about my own style. Likewise, the color is neither light nor dark, but neutral and can be adjusted to fit any situation or mood. Like a pair of purl earrings, they can be worn to the grocery store, or to your wedding; they are a timeless piece of jewelry to accessorize any outfit.


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