Oh! The stories my shoes would tell. They travel to so many places, and meet so many other shoes. They begin their day with a warm fresh foot and head out the door to begin their day. First stop for these Boston’s is doggy daycare to drop off the doggo. She has been tempted to give them a taste, but hasn’t gathered up the courage to try them. Then it’s off to school, where the stairs are plentiful and the leaves are beautiful. We meet up with some friends at class, and then admire our shadow on the cold concrete sidewalk. Finally, it’s time to go to bed, and these go-to slides head on home to their family.

I created this video using my iPhone and putting all the individual clips together in iMovie. I added a filter, just because I liked how it made the fall leaves appear, and then I completed the video with some music. I had a hard time finding music that would capture the positive mood I wanted to share with my shoe’s journey, but finally found a track that I liked in the iMovie soundtracks.

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