• Fences and walls can divide or demarcate. Make a creative photo of a fence or wall
  • Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it!
  • Make a photograph that features a circle today.
  • An instrument that measures something
  • Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood
  • Geology is everywhere, parks, building materials, etc.
  • “Music is what feelings sound like.” Make a photo of something musical.

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I wanted to try and use all my creativity to capture really ordinary objects, with as much creativity as possible, and had planned on using my real camera to do this. One problem though. Someone (me) forgot to charge the battery, so it was back to the iPhone camera which made it a little harder I think. I also did not want to leave my house to do this, and felt that anything the list asked me to capture, I would try and do with everything around me. Sure enough, it took some thinking on some of these to find what I needed and wanted to show.

The simplicity of this project, along with the technical challenges I faced trying to complete this, made this assignment a little hard for me, creativity wise. Thinking of how to make a measuring spoon artful is a lot harder than it seems. I guess that was part of the appeal of this project though, as hard as it was, it truly showed me that with the right motivation and intention, anything can be artful.

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